Hardwood flooring is growing in popularity among homeowners. Many believe that wood is wood, but that is far from the truth. Oak, for example, when grown in cold climates such as Canada, is denser and has less mineral streaks than Oak that is milled from the southern American States. This is just one reason customers see such vast price differences for the same type wood. Manufacture and how the wood is milled play a part in the pricing as well.

To ensure that you can select from both the quality and pricing options that suit your project, Elm Park Flooring offers a wide range of hardwood flooring solutions from many of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. They include Anderson, Mercier, Mullican, Max Windsor, Somerset, BSL, Mohawk, Bruce and Armstrong.

For customers looking for a more 'green' alternative, we offer top quality solutions from the best makers of bamboo and cork flooring.

Hardwood flooring, be it traditional or green, helps to increase the value and beauty of every home it graces. To find the solution that best fits your aesthetics and budget, contact us today.

At Elm Park Flooring, we offer top quality installation services, but we are also happy to support the handy do-it-yourselfer who may have the professional skills and experience to install their own flooring system. As with our full-service customers, we can help you with the design, selection and professional measuring for your cash-and-carry purchase, as well as providing professional advice to help make your project run more smoothly.

When you shop with Elm Park Flooring, you will find only the best names in flooring available. Our wide selection includes all the top manufacturers, including:

Going Green? We've Got That...

At Elm Park Flooring, we believe in green. We are proud to offer these hardwood flooring options that come from renewable resources: