Specialty Services: Carpet Repair & Stretching

A carpet that may look like it's seen better days can sometimes be repaired, not replaced. The types of repairs that can add life to your carpet include fixing seams, repairing stained areas and “stretching,” which is a good fix for carpet that wasn't installed well in the first place, and is now bunching up in places.

At Elm Park Flooring, we go out of our way to help save reasonably good carpet whenever possible. Why not, experience has taught us that stretching carpet is a prudent way to help our customers save on the cost of new flooring. Other types of repairs we perform are seam and edge repair, stain removal for carpets and area rugs, and fixing pulls and runs in loop carpets.

So if you're not quite ready to give up on a good carpet that just needs a bit of help, contact us today for a free in-home estimate to see how Elm Park Flooring can help.


A Customer's Story...A Dog Disaster Healed by Superior Service

rug repairWhen our showroom first opened in 2007, Leslie Wallace drove by and saw our sign and decided to stop in and see what we were all about.

"I needed a carpet," she explains, "but I also needed some ideas and guidance about my choice to make sure I was making the right decision." Working closely with our team, Leslie found the perfect carpet at the perfect price. And then disaster struck.

"After finally finding the perfect carpet and having a fantastic, fast, clean installation... my dog ate a hole in it! I was devastated. But Elm Park Flooring came back out and patched my carpet so well you couldn't even tell it had been damaged."

After that, we continued to work with Leslie on stained carpet solutions, where we helped her identify a basement flooding issue that needed resolution. "I appreciated their help, not only with the identification of the problem, but with the reinstallation of the carpet to make it look as good as new."

We are happy to have helped Leslie with her projects, and even more grateful for the continuous referrals she provides.


At Elm Park Flooring, we are happy to provide the following repair services:

For Rugs & Carpets

  • Seam Repair
  • Restretching
  • Stain consultation/removal
  • Stain repair/replacement
  • Loop repair
  • Pet urine and scratch patch replacement
  • Carpeted step replacement from pet damage/wear

For Ceramic, Stone, Glass and other tile products

  • Cracked/broken tile replacement
  • Regrouting
  • Grout Sealing

For Hardwood Flooring

  • Individual board repair/replacement
  • Water or other damage repair/replacement
  • Subfloor support/repair
  • Buffing & coating slightly worn finishes                            (Prevents the need for sanding later)


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